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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Embrace Yourself: Aerosha is FIVE!

For so many reasons, April is a month of wonderful celebrations!  It seems every day a new joyous bud bursts forth into the sun.  Or the fickle rain douses us in renewal.  Or a new warm wind saturates our skin. Mmmm.

For Aerosha, April is a month where we celebrate not only the gorgeous blooming pear tree outside our door, but also our Annual Birthday Anniversary.  And this year, we rejoice in the much anticipated FIVE years of BLISS!! FIVE!! WOW! 

My heart is full of love, my mind is full of memories, and my spirit is full of gratitude. 

Thank you, Aerosha women (and your families, friends, and partners) for your support, dedication, creativity, bravery, and commitment.  Yes.  I really wish to honor and thank you for your commitment to YOURSELVES, your personal growth, your blossoming confidence, and your inspiring courage. 

Please join us to celebrate in person!
Cantina Laredo in Springfield
Thursday April 17th from 5-7pm

I love you all. 
Looking forward to classes next week!

With gratitude,

Monday, April 7, 2014


New Student Series Sessions Start 4/14 & 4/15
Attend 3 classes in April for only $69 (reg. $40 each)

Monday's 5:30pm-7pm
Tuesday's 7pm-8:30pm

$69 April Special (new students only)
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No refunds, non transferrable, must pay online.
Must be used between April 14th and April 30th, 2014.